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 Just had a trial session in the salt room. What a fantastic experience. I went in feeling a little apprehensive, not too sure what to expect, but was totally put at ease by the lovely Simone who answered all my questions. I came out totally energised and so relaxed. Will definitely be going back would highly recommend.

One of our clients had a meditation in the salt room this morning. She came last week and was really looking forward to today. She came in a with a big smile saying she couldn't wait to get in the room. She'd found that her repetitive strain injury pain had improved since her last visit and that a tingling sensation has been felt throughout the session, and she recalled it was similar to when she had acupuncture on her hand. And the same happened again today. Of course, acupuncture helps to release blocked and stagnant energy and we find this is happening in our salt room.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the salt room, I could definitely feel the difference in the air quality because of the salt. It felt dense, presumably because of the vast quantity of salt, but more pure. I do think I only coughed once, whereas it's usually non-stop when I lie down. I drifted off for a moment or two my body was totally relaxed and benefitting from the whole ambience. I felt I was somewhere else totally during it. I probably slept (hope I didn't snore) but I definitely had a journey.  Once I got going I was invigorated. I didn't cough as much as usual and I had a better night than I would usually have had. I definitely benefitted from the experience but feel that as I continue to use the Salt Room the benefits will become more substantial.

Just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for giving me the opportunity to try a treatment in your new Salt Room yesterday.   It was a truly remarkable experience and the depth of relaxation was incredible!  It felt like being in a big, warm, safe 'bubble', surrounded by lots and lots of love.  Felt so relaxed afterwards and all the tension and anxiety I had just lifted away.  Today, everything seems much easier to cope with and I have actually felt some happiness creeping back in.  When I started coming to you a couple of years ago for my Reiki treatments I felt I was on a tough journey through life, with my life taking many twists and turns but you have always brought me back able to cope with whatever life throws at me and I cannot thank you enough for your help.I have always felt the Love and Light Shop to be a little sanctuary of peace in a little corner of Chepstow.  You have worked so hard to make it what it is today. I will most certainly be coming back for more of those lovely treatments in the new Salt Room and feel for me it will work beautifully in harmony with my Reiki treatments with you. Thank you once again.

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