All kinds of massages from Holistic relaxation to energising to specialised - Remedial sports, Daoyin Tao acupresure & Hot Stones. See links
Reiki Treatment
Reiki is a very simple, non-intrusive and extremely powerful healing process.
A Reflexology treatment can induce a deep state of relaxation.
Kinesiology is an alternative and complementary hands on therapy.
Spiritual Therapy
Simone has designed a 90 min therapy to get you back on track.
Daoyin Tao Massage
East meets West in this synergy energy massage using acupressue & sweeping massage to the face, neck, shoulders, ears and scalp. A flowing massage with gentle pressure to acupoints decided upon after consultation - working on the principles of the five elements. Feeling is Believing. 30 minutes £30. Combine with a chakra energy balance for a one hour blissful experience. £45
Himalayan Salt Room
A Salt Room Meditation & Relaxation session can help with stress, anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, COPD, allergies, headaches & sinus problems. Lie back & enjoy.
Mediumship Reading
If you are looking to connect with someone who has passed away.
Tarot Reading
Tarot is said to be a mirroring of the soul. As you connect to the cards with the questions you need answering, Simone will connect and guide you on your life's pathway. £35
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