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We teach the traditional Usui Reiki healing system, from Reiki First Degree, to becoming a Master Teacher.  Each level is different and unique.  Level one is all about you, discovering you from the inside out.  Before you can heal others we must first heal ourselves. Reiki Second degree heightens your awareness with the unique learning of three Reiki symbols.  The Masters level introduces new symbols & completes your personal journey.

All courses are certified an include full manuals and guidance to aid you in assimilating all that you are learning.  Learn one to one or in a small group. Groups are kept small to ensure a close and personal experience for you.  All our courses are followed with a 21 day cleansing period, followed by a practical exam.a


Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £150 each level

Tarot Courses

Simone teaches beginners and advanced Tarot workshops and will guide you through interpreting the Tarot. The Tarot is a pictorial representation of events and energies that we are likely to encounter in life, such as determination, patience, new beginnings, leaving things behind, joy, togetherness, heartache, reflection, decision-making and much more. Tarot decks normally contain 78 cards, 22 of which are referred to as the Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our path through life.Whilst the beginner's workshop gives you the foundations, the advanced workshop supports you to develop your spiritual connection and gain confidence in reading for others.

The remaining 56 cards, known as the Minor Arcana, expand on these themes.


Duration: 3 Hours

Price: £30

Mediumship Courses




This course will  begin your journey to developing your psychic and mediumship gifts. Simone and guests will gently guide you through each weekly session so you have a greater understanding & develop week on week. By the end of the course we will have you giving spiritual messages lovingly and ethically. 


Taught by Medium Simone Jones. The course will cover:


· Ethics and principles of carrying out any psychic/mediumship work

· Meditation skills

· Meeting and working with your Guides

· Practical work with psychic tools

· Learning how to give Aura Readings

· Spiritual Protection & Cleansing Methods

· Practical Mediumship

· Introduction to Wyrdden Ways & Shamanic Methods

· Learn to Read the Tarot

· Past life Meditation

· Psychometry


Duration: 12 Weeks

Cost; £150

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