CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant (one of many useful compounds found in hemp) our suppliers extract CBD to make our unique hemp oil and balms. We won't compromise on the materials we employ, we won't tolerate any unnecessary harm to plant or animal life and we strive to improve our knowledge and appreciation so you can focus on thriving. We have been making our own range of candles for over 20 years, we infuse Reiki into each candle to heal your home of any negative energies. By adding the CBD oil at the final stage of production will help you relax more with these candles.

What a wonderful gift idea - gift boxed and gorgeous and once the candle burns down after 60/65 hours A combination of Reiki and CBD healing.

These handmade candles continue the relaxing experience of Reiki for you. Infused with reiki each candle allows the Reiki experience to be released each time you use your candle.

Burn Time 60-65

CBD Reiki Candle 30CL

  • We take great pride in our packaging and if you have any damages in your delivery it is important that you contact us within 48 hours (any claims after this will not be credited). Please send an e-mail and if possible an image of the damaged item to

01291 622755

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