Pyramid power had been known to the ancient Egyptians. The Great Pyramids, where the embalmed bodies of the royals were laid to rest, were built for a reason. This was because the Egyptians believed that pyramid power preserves and rejuvenate the mummified body, that could be revived in the future.
 So, what is this pyramid power? This power is said to improve health by killing germs and halting the growth of microorganisms; add to sexual prowess; dehydrate and mummify bodies without decay; preserve uncovered food two to three times longer; help sharpen blunt blades; and many other surprising effects.
Giving credence to this are Kirlian photographs that have found the pyramid’s aura to be significantly brighter after a 15-minute exposure. Large pyramids are now being used for meditation, reiki, acupuncture, massage and sleep. As it is all amethyst crystal, it will enhance your spiritual awareness.


Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid

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