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Daoyin Tao Treatment

Treatment Overview

This is an East meets West synergy energy acupressure massage to the face, neck, ears, scalp and shoulders. The therapy is performed whilst the client is lying down. Bear shoulders only are required. It is a combination of lovely flowing massage movements and small circling light pressure work into the acupoints in the contact area. This encourages the release of trapped energy and the movement of stagnant energy. The massage is half an hour in duration and is deeply relaxing.

Based on the principles of the five elements it appears to aid day to day problems in the contact area such as sinusitis, headaches, migraines, shoulder and neck problems, tinnitus and ear issues, Bells Palsy, watery eyes anxiety and stress. It helps the body to restore balance throughout as the meridians contacted run and connect throughout the whole body.

This therapy is relaxing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, rebalancing and, thoroughly enjoyable! It appears to aid discomfort and is excellent for decongestion. 30 minutes £30. Combine with a chakra balance for a full one hour blissful experience £45

Please come 10 mins early to your appointment to fill in a health questionnaire. 

Duration:  30 Mins or 60 mins combined energy balance

Price: 30 mins £30 or 60 mins £45

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