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Kinesiology Treatment

Kinesiology is an alternative and complementary hands-on therapy. By using the combination of western techniques and principles of eastern medicine we can access the body’s innate knowledge and natural life force which has the ability to heal itself. By muscle monitoring it gives the practitioner and client the feedback as to where the imbalances lie in the body.  Kinesiology looks at the person as a whole. We call this” the triangle of health” .If there is a deficit in the triangle it has a knock-on effect on the rest of the system whether it be mental, emotional, physical or biochemically. When the person is in balance it represents homeostasis which the body is always striving towards.
Touch for Health uses muscle monitoring to find imbalance and bring the body’s energy back to harmony by using none invasive techniques. Touch for Health does not diagnose or prescribe, we are only dealing with the non-physical energy, as it is no longer a secret that the body exists as a physical and non-physical entity and that we have an energic blueprint.
What are the benefits of having Kinesiology?
Possible benefits include:
Setting and Achieving goals
The release of emotional stress
Relief of physical pain
Enhanced functioning of the brain & nervous system.
Improved posture
Improved coordination
Help with learning
Improve sleep patterns
Low self esteem

Treatment Overview

Duration: First session 90 mins. Follow up 60 mins

Price: £65

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