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Full Body Massage

Who doesn't want to reduce the stress in their life? Stress relief is key to finding the balance for a healthy lifestyle. Even just a single massage session has been shown to significantly lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels helping to reduce daily stress. 
Massage offers a state of rest and recovery allowing you to detach from life's usual worries and be mindfully treated-creating a state of deep relaxation. 
Therapeutic benefits

Massage makes you feel and perform better.

Massage has the following benefits:

Increases circulation;

Enhances the immune system;

Promotes nervous system functioning;

Reduces blood pressure;

Relieves pain and muscle tension;

Improves mood, intellectual reasoning, and job performance;

Positively effects conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes and migraine headaches.
The power of touch-
The simple act of placing the hands on the body can itself encourage a person to thrive


A full therapeutic body massage involves our therapist massaging your whole body including neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, feet, and head during a session. Massage techniques will be adapted for each client and can calm or invigorate. Wrapped in a blanket and towels, only the parts of your body being worked on will be uncovered. Oils will leave your skin soft and supple. 

A blissful experience. Helps to relieve stress and pain and leave you with a sense of well-being.

Duration:  55 Mins

Price: £45

Back, Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage

Release aches and pains, ease tension and headaches and relax with this wonderful massage therapy utilizing not only therapeutic massage techniques to the back, neck, and shoulders but also incorporating Chinese flowing massage to the head and neck for a blissful treatment. Feeling is Believing.

Duration: 30  Mins

Price: £30

Remedial Sports Massage

Remedial means that we work by manipulating soft tissue to manage and rehabilitate the muscle, the tendons, the ligaments, the skin and the fascia to promote healing and reduce pain. Sports Massage focuses more toward Deep Tissue techniques. You will often find it detailed as a therapy.  

Your soft tissues have an optimum working level and everyone is different. The aim of sports and soft tissue massage is to give the best mobility available to you, to aid recovery of your soft tissue following injury and to help advise and prevent a further occurrence where possible. 

Duration One hour. Please allow an extra 15 minutes on your first consultation


1st session 75 Mins (Including initial assessment)£59.50  

30 minute session £27.50                          Subsequent 1 hour session £49.50                      90 minutesession  £70                                                                     

Daoyin Tao-please got to separate page link for full information on this energy massage

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